Vibration Screening and Environmental Protection Complement Each Other


Environmental protection is one of the focuses that come into the talk of people through out the world in recent years. The pace of industrialization should be synchronized with environmental protection. The development of vibration screening should also conform to the era trend of environmental protection. At present, the environmental protection industry is mainly involved in water, air, solid waste, noise and other aspects, and the emergence of vibrating screen makes a contribution which is cannot be underestimated to the sewage recycle, solid waste resourceful treatment and the effective removal of harmful dust. In the 21st century, the appearance of vibratory sifter will bring the environmental protection industry to the peak.
gyratory  screen fabricated by Henan PK mining machinery industry
As a professional vibrating sieve manufactory, Henan PK mining machinery industry in order to follow the trend of the times and get close to the market demand, we develop and produce a series of environmental friendly vibrating screen equipment, which can be applied to the domestic waste treatment. When the garbages are taken into the disposal plant, first they would get sorted and pre-processed by the pretreatment system--vibrating screen to separate the residue mixture, organic matter of fiber plastic cloth, metal, glass and other recyclable substances.
dewatering screen fabricated by Henan PK mining machinery industry
After the residue was high fermented, the agricultural precision compost and residual organic matter would be separated from it by a trommel screen(vibrating screen). The residual organic matter separated by the trommel screen (vibrating screen) and the fibers plastic cloth organic matter sorted out by the pretreatment system enter the protective microwave pyrolysis system. The garbages are pyrolysed to generate combustible gas, liquid residue oil and activated carbon for use. This processing procedure would not only enhance the production efficiency but also not waste raw materials. If we apply this way completely, we’ll achieve the goal of energy conservation and low carbon environmental in real sense.
rotary screen fabricated by Henan PK mining machinery industry
The Internet which represent the revolutionary technology of information field, the machinery industry is moving towards a green road of development. Vibration screening and environmental protection complement each other, the Internet that represent the the revolutionary technology of information field provides a green road for the development of machinery industry.
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