The XLX project is a large cooperation project for screw conveyor and bucket elevator with the cooperation of the Henan Pingyuan mining machinery co., LTD. And xinlianxin fertilizer co. LTD cooperation project .
company introduction
Henan Pingyuan mining machinery co., LTD is the first batch of high-tech backbone enterprises in henan province dedicated to the development, production and sales of special transportation machinery, lifting equipment, vibrating screen and mechanical and coal chemical equipment. engineering technology research center, the introduction of international advanced technology, research and development with the international advanced level of large, medium and small, high efficiency and energy saving, new mining equipment.Strong technical force, advanced manufacturing process.In particular, the company innovates and develops the large-grained urea post-processing equipment, which sells 70% of the domestic coverage and exports to the United States, Russia, Pakistan and other European and American countries.Our products are widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, chemical, thermal power, building materials, medicine and other industries.
xinlianxin fertilizer co. LTD. Is located in the Yellow River, the central plains culture, Confucianism, the baptism of the market economy today, her conscience attached to the heart of the farmers with the sincerity attached to the heart of the customer attached to the worker's heart with love, with gratitude for the social public heart, with its unique charm, has brought together more and more attention, become China's fertilizer industry a bright star.At heart, the bright stars of the chemical fertilizer industry, shoulder the glorious mission of "for a better tomorrow", bear the ZengLi for increasing farmers' income and for shareholders for the customer, increase efficiency, the benefit of historical responsibility for the society, will continue to create greater glory.
Products of cooperation:
a. raw material scraper conveyor: PK MACHINERY. Production of scraper conveyor is a kind of closed shell, with the aid of movement of the scraper chain continuous conveying powder, particles and small block, such as grain materials transportation equipment.It is suitable for airtight conveying, less conveyance, more complicated process layout, more demanding or more unloading etc.The following are some of the following: 1. Simple structure, small volume, light weight, small footprint;
2. Airtight, dustproof, anti-toxic and explosion-proof, can improve working conditions and prevent environmental pollution;
3. Simple installation and maintenance;
4. Multi-point feeding and multi-point discharge conveyance;
5, can be tilted level and transmission, can be up to 30 ° Angle;Material temperature below 120 ℃.
xinlianxin fertilizer co. LTD. Is mainly the production of chemical fertilizer and so on a series of products higher requirements of the production equipment, our company's design engineer for this feature which is suitable for conveying such as urea and custom-made raw material scraper conveyor, our technicians and workshop personnel attaches great importance to the production of the blowing machine.
bucket-elevator bucket elevator: the bucket elevator manufactured by the PK MACHINERY. Is suitable for improving dry, loose, liquid powder, granular, bulk materials.With Zh hopper, is suitable for conveying slightly damp, caking, illiquid, powder and granular materials THG type bucket elevator high strength seat ring chain traction, conveying material temperature below 250 ℃.TDG type bucket elevator adopt EP conveyor belt and rope tape as traction, ordinary tape is suitable for the material under 80 ℃, heat resistant adhesive tape is suitable for the materials below 120 ℃.Product advantages:
1. Reasonable fighting type, large capacity, large throughput, high height;
2. Automatic tensioning device, once installed and adjusted, it can maintain a constant tensioning force and avoid the slip or chain of tape to run smoothly.
3. High chain strength, good wear resistance and high strength;
4. The steel wire rope is used to weave tape, good toughness and high strength.
Principles of project cooperation
PK MACHINERY and xinlianxin fertilizer co. LTD Of scraper conveyor and elevator project cooperation to reach a consensus,In line with the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, common development purposes, and the spirit of friendly cooperation, finally conclude the cooperation project contract, both parties abide by.
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