Pan conveyor

  • Model: BL type
  • Plate Width : 500/630/800/1000/1200 mm
  • Max. Capacity: 450~1750 m³/h
  • Speed: 0.05~1.0 m/s
  • Chain Pitch: 200/250/320 mm
  • pan-conveyor-(1
  • pan-conveyor-2
  • pan-conveyor-4
  • pan-conveyor-5
  • pan-conveyor-6
  • pan-conveyor-7
I.Brief introduction
Pan conveyor is a conveying device which using a chain that in cyclical operation as traction member and chain plate as carrier member.
Apron conveyor has been widely used in metallurgy, coal, chemical, electric power, machinery manufacturing and other industrial sectors of the national economy. It can transport a variety of bulk materials and packed articles in a horizontal or inclined direction; it can also be used to transport parts in a production line. Since its load-bearing part and running part are made of metal material, it can transport heavy, coarse-grained, abrasive materials or parts compared to other continuous transport machines, and can transport 600 -700°C high temperature materials or parts.
1.Wide range of applications.
In addition to materials with a particularly high viscosity, generally solid materials and components can be transported.
2.Large capacity.
3.The traction chain has high strength and can be used for long distance transportation.
4.The conveyor line is flexible. It can be transported under conditions of large inclination and small bending radius, the inclination angle can reach 30°-35°, and the bending radius is generally about 5-8m.
5.It can execute processing technique tasks such as sorting, drying, cooling or assembly during transportation.
6.Smooth and reliable operation.

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