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Employee Care
1)Employee Training
♦PK Machinery pays much extra attention to increase staff skills. Especially for the newly recruited staff, Pk machinery provides the uniform training of product knowledge, safety production and machinery-related skills, to make them be familiar with the products and integrate into the work as soon as possible.
♦The company regularly organizes computer skill training, letting the computer-related professional staff relatively popularize computer knowledge for other employees, so that it is benefit to improve staff’s comprehensive skills as well as conductive to the work development.
♦PK machinery annually invites overseas professor to stay in our factory so as to have the chance to communicated face to face with the professor, which can constantly improve the staff’s English speaking ability.
♦For each specific staff positions, the company will intermittently lead the staff to participant in the professional training in Zhengzhou or other places to continuously improve their work skills and efficiency.
2)Employee Benefits
♦To care about the health of employees, PK machinery arranges the staff to conduct a comprehensive physical examination and get health advice in the professional medical institutions every year.
♦Each month, the company issues a number of seasonal supplies to employees, although the amount is not big, but also reflecting the company’s subtleties concern for employees.

Green Environmental Protection
♦PK machinery has already carried out eco-design of the machinery industrial products for a long time to implement the concept of energy saving and emission reduction fundamentally, for example,in product design the precipitator will be added;In power computing, the minimum power equipment will be computed as much as possible for customers, etc. PK machinery continues to produce energy-saving and emission-reduction products to meet customer’s and environmental requirements.
♦PK machinery integrates the environmental protection and green office idea into the relevant rules and regulations, realizing office information, and reducing physical office resource consumption.The lighting of conference rooms, office space and other places is strictly controlled, the regulation of"when people go, the lights should be turned off" is strictly conducted by everyone. In spite of winter or summer, the indoor air must reach a certain temperature before the air conditioner is approved open. The computers, printers, copiers and other office automation equipment is requested to minimize standby consumption while using, and the power should be turned off for a long-time no work or after work. What’s more, PK machinery has taken various measures to reduce the consumption of office supplies.

Social Welfare

♦When disaster struck, help came from all the sides. During the 2008 earthquake in Wnechuan, Sichuan province and the 2010 earthquake in Yushu, Qinghai Province on the occasion, PK machinery did not hesitate to donate to people in disaster areas, and actively helped reconstruction, duty-bound to contribute a force.
♦PK machinery has been continually supporting poor children of employees and the local villagers, to help them achieve the dream of studying. PK machinery hopes that through this act, to give poor children warmth and emotion, as well hoping that through such efforts, children have the opportunity to become a success and to return to the motherland and the community.
♦PK machinery actively participates in the construction of public facilities around the factory, including roads, lighting, sewage and other infrastructure, hoping to bring nearby residents the maximum convenience.