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Good credit status

The data from January to October last year, shows that Chinese iron ore production was 1.135 billion tons, which fell 8.8%. Behind the data, a big fact is that a large decline in domestic steel consumption and a large number of enterprises were faced with ceasing or reducing production of iron ore. As a long time, most of the iron ore mine had high production costs, coupled with business management costs, labor costs, feed grade and other factors, as well as the burden of various taxes and other issues, resulting in most of small and medium mine in the main producing areas of domestic iron ore having been discontinued, and many large and medium-sized enterprises also struggling,generally existing the problems of tight cash flow and production loss,having gradually lost competitiveness in this winter market .
In this economic background,one of the reasons why Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.(PK machinery) can still maintain a steady pace forward is that PK machinery has a good asset operation and healthy cash flow, and enterprise asset is managed by PK machinery’s executives at every step, which will guarantee the enterprise sustainable and healthy development. What's more, based on the last year's business, financial condition and other factors, combined with the conditions of the company last three years of bank loan repayments and major contracts fulfillment, the company board considers that the company is in sound management and good credit in recent years.

Since the establishment in 1960, PK machinery has enjoyed more than 50 steady years of successful growth to become an international company employing over 200 direct employees. What’s more,PK machinery has acquired reputations of "Enterprise of Observing Contracts and Keeping Promise" and "AAA Credit Enterprise" in successive years,which is a full recognition for PK machinery’s service, quality and integrity, but also means that PK machinery can get a strong financial support from bank if necessary.


With the establishment of the Cross-border Business of XinXiang, Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd. positively responded to it and was rapidly received as the member in 2015.Keeping a modest attitude,Pk machinery continuously learned the advanced technology and exchanged the experience with other members aiming to achieving a new strategic height.Up to now,Pk machinery has won a consentaneous reputation in the industry in Xinxiang which has been as the role model to be followed by other members.


 Wish you can join hands with PK machinery to achieve a sincere long-term cooperation and win-win outcome.