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PK Overseas
In the situation of global economic integration and large and fierce competition international market, Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd (PK Machinery) takes the goal of creating a global strategy, and actively promotes technological and management innovation, as well as improves overseas business model, thus cultivates an highly qualified and inter-disciplinary talent team to adapt international market changes and overseas business development.
In this case, PK Machinery can constantly enhance its international competitiveness so that could participate in international competition and cooperation at a higher level and broader area as well as more ranges, meanwhile to lead the national industry realizing leap-forward development.
It is a information explosion century in 21st century. With the development of high-tech products and its widely application, the speed of global communication and integration has been accelerated. As a high-end mining equipment manufacturer, our company attaches great importance to technology exchange and strategic cooperation with other countries. What’s more, we actively expand overseas markets by mature products and perfect service systems. By the end of 2022, our products have been successfully exported to over 100 countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Peru, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Ethiopia, Australia,etc.
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For a long time, we adhere "bring in and go out" technology exchange and strategic cooperation as our policy, and actively participate in international mining machinery industry technical exchange meeting
also regularly invite experts who come from Germany, Australia, Chile, South Africa and other countries to visit our company, guiding us to improve design philosophy and production process. Since 2005, our company has began to introduce international advanced technology and production processes, build a close cooperation with well-known international mining machinery manufacturer,such as PIMASA in Chile, ATS-group in France, X-TEC AG Switzerland and Carson in America,etc., also established production and sales branch in some countries and regions.
Along with the initiative of the policy of the Belt and Road, lots of Central Europe Trains have been successfully launched and operated, which not only realize the direct-exchange between inland areas of China and the European market, but also provides a strong support for promoting more practical cooperation of the silk road economic belt in all fields, including trade, investment, industry, technology, etc. Due to the good policy, the overseas trade of PK machinery has become more effective and efficient,it will also lay a solid foundation for the further development of PK’s overseas business.
Open-door to the outside world is a platform for rapid development. Under the background of economic globalization, PK Machinery is committed to provide world-class products and superior service for our customers, and striving to optimize customer value and benefits, as well as building a bright future by superior quality.
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