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Plate chain bucket elevator

Plate chain bucket elevator

Bucket Width:
250/315/400/500/ 630/800/1000mm
BUcket Running Speed:
Traction Component:
Plate sleeve roller chain
Max. Lifting Height:
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Product Details
Working Principle and Application
Selection Conditions
Product Details
TB plate chain bucket elevator is specially designed for vertical displacement of abrasive rough materials. It adopts plate sleeve roller chain as traction component and usually be used to transport material with density not more than 2 t/m3 and temperature within 250℃.TB bucket elevator could reach a capacity of 395m3/h with a vertical displacement of 5~50m.Vertical bucket elevator is highly resistant to wear and can be placed indoor as well as outdoor.
Application widely
Low driving power, low energy consumption
The whole machine with full sealed design, no dust pollution while running
The machine housing case has good-looking appearance
Driving device configuration could save much space, light weight, with backstop, low noise, running steady
Four kind bucket types could meet different particle size materials
Customized lifting height
Working Principle and Application
Hopper scoops up materials from the stone bucket below, then is lifted to the top with the conveyor belt or chain, and next it is downward rolled over bypass the wheel on the top and the materials are dumped into the accept slot now by bucket chain or hoist conveyor, and the whole process is over. The driving band of bucket elevator with driver is commonly made of rubber, and it is installed below or above the drive roller and the divert roller. The chain-drive bucket elevator is generally equipped with two parallel transmission chains, above or below which is a drive sprocket and a divert sprocket. Continuous chain or belt bucket elevator for cement is generally equipped with chassis to prevent the dust flying into the bucket elevator.
Selection Conditions
Material to be lifted: _____    
Bulk Density: _____t/m3
Feedingcapacity: _____t/h    
Elevator Lifting height _______m 
Average size of feeding material:____mm
Max. size of feeding material: ____mm   
Working power supply: _____V ______HZ 
Plate Chain Bucket Elevator
Model TB250 TB315 TB400 TB500 TB630 TB800 TB1000
Capacity (m³/h) 20~29 51~72 85~121 135~191 207~294 281~398 398~565
Max. Particle Size 60 60 80 100 125 125 150
Bucket Type J T T T T T T
Bucket Volume (L) 4.7 11.8 25.3 50 96 130 232
Bucket Speed (m/s) 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Plate Chain Pitch (mm) 125 125 160 200 250 250 315
Plate Chain No. 1 2 2 2 2 2 2
Max. Lifting Height (m) 50 40 40 40 40 30 30
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