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Trommel Screen

Trommel Screen

Screening area:
Slope Angle:
5-8 degree
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Product Details
Selection Conditions
Product Details
Trommel screen has wide range of sizes and capacities,it is a mechanical screening machine used to separate materials.It consists of a perforated cylindrical drum that is normally elevated at an angle at the feed end,motor,reduction unit,screen frame and sealing cover.When materials flow towards along the inclined rotating drum,materials jump and roll, the undersized material smaller than the screen apertures passes through the screen, while the oversized material exits at the other end of the drum. 
Designed to fit your operation- Trommel screen can be customized to meet different capacity and working site.
Free from pollution- Fully enclosed structure,no dust pollution,improve working conditions for operators as well.
Variable application range-Compost,chemical,coal,plastic,recycling,metallurgy,mineral-selecting etc.
Superior design-Simple structure,easy maintenance,steady operation,low energy consumption.
Less blockage-Automatic cleaning brush on the top of trommel screen to avoid the blockage.
Screen long life span-Screen is made of 16Mn with strong strength, good abrasion resistance and high screening efficiency.
Selection Conditions
♦Material to be processed: _____ ♦Max. granule size of the feeding material: _____mm
♦Handling capacity (Ps. It means the total ♦Segment number: ______
material capacity feeding from the inlet): _____t/h ♦Mesh size of each layer: _____mm
♦Bulk Density: _____t/m3 ♦Particle distribution percentage:____________
♦Material temperature: _____℃; (please check the following example to help you 
♦Water content:____% understand it.Supposing the layer number is 2 
♦Material is corrosive or not: ____ (Ps. Yes or No) and the aperture size of each layer is 10mm and 5mm,
♦Material is sticky or not: ____ (Ps. Yes or No) then you will get 3 kinds of products: X,Y and Z.
♦Working environment is indoor or outdoor: _____  X≥10mm; 5mm≤ Y < 10mm; Z<5mm.
♦Working environment temperature: ______ ℃ We want to confirm the following information:
♦Upstream equipment (Ps. It means what kind of 1)The percentage of X in the whole material:_____%;
equipment is used to feed the material): _____ 2)The percentage of Y in the whole material:_____%;
♦Downstream equipment (Ps. It means what kind of 3)The percentage of Z in the whole material:_____%;)
equipment is used to discharge the material): _____ ♦Working power supply: _____V ______HZ 
Model Length Range Segment No. Aperture Size Power
Inclined Angle Max. Material Size Rotating Speed(rpm)
GTSφ600 2-4m 1-2 5-35mm 2.2-3 0-7° 50mm 15-18
GTSφ800 2-5m 1-3 5-40mm 3-5.5 0-7° 60mm 15-18
GTSφ1000 2-6m 1-4 5-50mm 4-7.5 0-7° 80mm 15-18
GTSφ1200 3-8m 1-4 5-60mm 5.5-11 0-7° 100mm 15-18
GTSφ1500 3-10m 1-5 5-60mm 7.5-1 5 0-7° 150mm 15-18
GTSφ2000 4-12m 1-5 5-75mm 7.5-l 8.5 0-7° 180mm 15-18
GTSφ2500 5-12m 1-6 5-90mm 11-l 8.5 0-7° 200mm 15-18
Note: All the parameters are for reference only, we can design and manufacture as per your requirements.
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