Vibrating Feeder

  • Model : ZG200
  • Capacity: 20~2000t/h
  • Frequency: 1500rpm
  • Power : 2*0.75kw
  • Double Amplitude: 2~8mm
  • Vibrating Force: 5~150kn
  • Vibrating feeder
  • Vibrating feeder
  • Vibrating feeder
  • Vibrating feeder
  • Vibrating Feeder
  • Vibrating Feeder supplier
Vibrating Feeder is a kind of linear direction feeding equipment, It consists of feed spout, vibration body, vibrating motor, damping device. It can feed material for belt conveyor, vibrating conveyor, bucket elevator, vibrating screen, crusher etc.

Working Principle and Application
The feed process of the vibrating feeder is achieved by the feed spout do line reciprocating vibration periodically which is forced by the special vibrating motor. When the vertical component of the feed spout vibrates, the accelerated speed is bigger than the gravitational acceleration, the material will be upthrow and jumping forward along a parabolic path. Due to the continuous exciting of the vibrating motor, the feed spout will vibrate continuously and the material in the feed spout will jumping forward continuously, so that the purpose of feeding material is achieved.
Vibrating Feeder is widely used in pharmaceutical, automotive, electronic, food processing, packaging, glass, steel, construction, recycling, plastic industry etc. 
Advantages and Features
1.Smooth operation, large feeding capacity with high efficiency
2.Low energy consumption,stable vibration,long service life
3.Characterized by even feeding, excellent continuity and adjustable vibrating force
4.Eccentric block as the main source of vibration
5.easy maintenance and the enclosed type can prevent dust pollution
6.Simple structure

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Selection Conditions
♦Material to be processed: _____ ♦Working environment is indoor or outdoor: _____
♦Handling capacity (Ps. It means the total ♦Working environment temperature: ______
material capacity feeding from the inlet): _____t/h ♦Upstream equipment (Ps. It means what kind of
♦Bulk Density: _____t/m3 equipment is used to feed the material): _____
♦Material temperature: _____; ♦Downstream equipment (Ps. It means what kind of
♦Water content:____% equipment is used to discharge the material): _____
♦Material is corrosive or not: ____ (Ps. Yes or No) ♦Installation forms: ___(Ps. Hanging-type or seat-type)
♦Material is sticky or not: ____ (Ps. Yes or No) ♦Working power supply: _____V ______HZ 

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