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Sep 15 2022
Troubleshooting of Bucket Elevator Bucket Belt
Belt bucket elevator is a kind of continuous conveying bulk material machinery which has been widely used in food, feed, chemical, cement and other industries for vertically conveying powdery, granular and small shape material. This article is to introduce methods to eliminate the bucket belt failure.
Aug 22 2022
Silica Sand Square Swing Screen was Delivered to Port of Singapore
Last Month, a set of square swing screen was delivered to Singapore port, this swing screen is dealing with silica sand, with 5mm and 0.6mm mesh size, after learning well about of client’s requirement, PK Machinery configured a set of FYBS1536-2S square tumbler screen to fit the project.
Aug 01 2022
Tungsten Concentrate sidewall belt conveyor were dispatched to Australia
Recently, a set of sidewall belt conveyor was finished production and dispatched to Australia from Qingdao port, China as scheduled.
Jul 04 2022
Waste Water Rotary Vibrating Screens ordered by French client were finished production
Recently, four sets of rotary vibrating screen ordered by French client were finished production and they will be dispatched to Lyon port from Qingdao port on next Tuesday.
Jun 14 2022
Plow discharger applied in salt transporting system
In a salt conveyor system, PK Machinery engineered a electro-hydraulic pusher plow discharger to achieve nine discharging points distributed along the top of warehouse, which is easy to install and convenient to operate.
Dec 06 2021
Rubber crumb gyratory screen was delivered to Colombo port, Sri Lanka
Last week, a set of gyratory screen ordered by Sri Lankan client was delivered to Colombo port, Sri Lanka from Qingdao port, China.
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