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Screw Conveyor Part

Screw Conveyor Part

Screw blade outer diameter:
Screw blade outer diameter:
Motor power:
Speed ratio:
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Product Details
Product Details
The spare part of cement screw conveyor include screw blade, universal joint, hanging bearing, reducer and end bearing, etc.
a.Screw blade
As the main spare part, screw blade plays a vital role in driving material movement. In general, screw blade can help complete conveying operation, at the same time possessing the functions of stirring and mixing materials.
1.Continuous cold rolled helical screw blade has features of smooth surface, high hardness, wear resistance and continuous weld-free.
2.Advanced technology process creates superior quality, saving raw materials.
3.Screw blade can achieve high transmission efficiency.
4.PK Machinery can make tailored screw blade according to your specific needs.

b.Universal joint
Universal joint utilizes spherical device to achieve export of different directions shaft power .It is a important part of cement screw conveyor.
1.Multi-angle adjustment ,easily connected with other equipment;
2.Fine joint sealing ,avoiding leaking material.
3.Production wear resistance ,long service life.
4.Convenient operation ,largely bearing capacity.

c.Hanging Bearing
Hanging bearing is installed to connect two screw shafts for screw conveyor longer than 3-4m,it plays an important role to bear whole screw weight and rotating force.
1.High precision, small volume, light weight;
2.Strong carrying capacity, convenient installation;
3.Ensure screw conveyor in a superior working status;
4.Prolong the life span of screw conveyor;
5.Ensure screw conveyor coaxiality, reduce resistance and noise.

Reducer is a kind of power transmission equipment, the type provided by PK Machinery is special for cement screw conveyor.
1.Connect with motor and drive directly;
2.Reliable and durable;
3.Low energy consumption and high efficiency;
4.Low maintenance;
4. Reducer is suitable for all kinds of motors, save the cost of whole machine.

e.End bearing
End bearing is one of the important part for cement screw conveyor, it is used for support the rotated shaft at the end of the cement screw conveyor.
1.Faster installation.
2.Lower maintenance.
3.Reduce the friction coefficient during operation.
4.Ensure the rotating accuracy of the cement screw conveyor.
Outer Dia. (mm) Inner Dia. (mm) Screw Pitch (mm) Plate Thickness (mm)
140 60 140 3.5
140 60 110 3.5
140 60 140 5
140 60 110 5
190 (60) (73) 200 3.5
190 (60) (73) 133 3.5
190 (60) (73) 200 5
190 (60) (73) 133 5
240 (60) (73) 240 5
240 (60) (73) 166 5
290 (89) (114) 300 5
290 (89) (114) 220 5
220 140 180 5
292 114 300 7.2
292 114 220 7.2
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