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How to select bucket elevator according to the material characteristics

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When selecting the bucket elevator, first analyze the characteristics of the material: temperature, particle size, specific gravity, abrasiveness, material humidity, acidity, alkalinity, viscosity, lifting height, conveying capacity and so on, these are important parameters for selection. Since bucket elevator discharge material by gravity, all the viscosity of the material is not suitable for the use of bucket elevator for conveying, because the material will be sticky in the hopper, resulting in the material can not be thrown out from the bucket, hence bucket elevator is not recommended for viscous material.

        /fertilizer bucket elevator

Since the  traction parts  for belt bucket elevator is rubber belt, so the material temperature can not be too high, otherwise it will cause high temperature elongation of the traction belt. Conventional traction belt is not suitable for lifting height of more than 40 meters and material with very large specific gravity. Belt with steel wire rope can be used to avoid the above mentioned two situations.
Ring chain type bucket elevator adopts high strength mining alloy round chain, the type is not suitable for small particle size material with grinding property, Materials with strong grinding will be like small sandpaper, constantly rubbing the chain, which has a very large impact on the chain, followed by materials with humidity and pH that are not suitable for ring chain type, especially pH, ring chain is generally not resistant to acid and alkali, even after special treatment, it can only be supported for a short time.

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Plate chain bucket elevator is generally suitable for large granularity of lump materials, not suitable for mixed materials and powder materials. Large and small particles mixed together is not very suitable for plate chain, especially powdery materials, fine powder will enter the plate chain pin, stuck plate chain.
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