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Working principle of linear vibrating screen

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Linear vibrating screen can screen, classify and remove impurities from powdery and granular materials (material scope: 400 mesh non-viscous dry powder or particles with water content >7%); Solid liquid mixture can also be coarse filtration, it is suitable for pipeline operation. 
Working principle of linear vibrating screen 
The linear vibrating screen is two motors placed in reverse synchronously produce reverse force, forcing the screen body to do vertical movement; The material on the screen surface of the linear vibrating screen periodically throws forward or moves in a straight line under the action of the exciting force, so as to achieve the purpose of material classification or impurity removal and complete the whole screening process. 

Linear vibrating separator function
Powder or particle classification: Material classification is determined according to the different size and diameter of the screen of each layer; Different meshes correspond to different sieve holes, and the size of the holes determines the size of the particle size. Due to the different particle size of the required material, 1-7 layers of different particle size screens can be selected according to user requirements; The mesh can be selected according to the material. 

        linear vibrating screen

Removal of large particles or foreign bodies: the removal of non-belonging or redundant parts of the material, also called impurity removal; The impurity removal is carried out by using the different shape, specific gravity or particle size of the material in the linear screening of the material.
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