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First phase of new energy cogeneration project in Hefei

Project Place: Hefei city, Anhui province, China
Cooperation Time: April,2016
Industry: Electricity
Raw Material: Coal
Main Equipment: Trommel Screen,Belt conveyor
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Case Description

It was the cooperation between Pk machinery and Hefei Thermoelectric Group, which was about the coal processing in the coal conveying section of the first phase of new energy cogeneration. PK machinery provided the trommel screen and belt conveyor to carry on the coal process.
This project was located in the hilly region of Jianghuai basin,marked by uneven terrain.The climate belonged to humid subtropical climate,and the highest temperature in summer was up to 41℃ while the lowest temperature in winter was -20.6℃. Especially,the tommel Screen and belt conveyor were operated in the dust environment, the protection class and explosion level was respectively IP65 and ExtD ⅢC T160℃ Db.
Pk machinery had taken all the influenced factors into consideration to design the trommel screen, which could be well operated in the engineer site. Pk machinery’s trommel screen and belt conveyor had the advantages of less environmental pollution,easy Operation and maintenance,stable performance,etc, which were widely available for the industries of coal, cement, gravel, sand, fertilizer, grain etc.