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Belt conveyor Application II

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The harvesting and processing of agriculture products such as corn, rice, soybeans and wheat can be conveyed by PK belt conveyor. Due to PK Machinery’s long association of conveying bulk materials, we has become a strong manufacturer with providing the very cost-effective and highest standard of bulk materials handling systems especially engineered for the duty cycle of agriculture industry.
Key Process Areas
•Grain Processing
•Grain Conveying
•Coffee Bean etc.


The production of chemicals involving organic acids, salts, fertilizer, urea, soda ash, etc. Require the use of conveying and processing equipment. The diverse experience and expertise garnered through many decades of perfecting materials conveying has lead to PK Machinery being able to offer the highest standard equipment. Therefore, PK Machinery has created innovative these materials handling solutions across this industry.
Key Process Areas
•Phosphate Ore
•Salts etc.


Coal Mine
Coal is the very essential energy source in national industrial development which plays a crucial role in metallurgy, power generation, iron and steel, fertilizer, etc. As innovators of specialized material conveying equipment, PK Machinery are well-positioned to offer coal mine with optimum materials conveying solutions.
Key Process Areas
•Coal Gangue Conveying
•Raw Coal Conveying
•Iron Pyrite
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