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Bi-directional belt conveyor was dispatched to Qatar

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Last week, a set of bi-directional belt conveyor was finished production and loaded into a 20ft container and dispatched to Qatar.
This rubber belt conveyor is used for transporting 20m3 sand per hour, and it is designed as 500mm wide and 30m long with bidirectional conveying function according to client’s requirement.  

        sand rubber belt conveyor

Rubber belt conveyor is featured by its large conveyor capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance, standardization of components, etc., widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, cement and other industries, it is used to transport loose materials or goods. 
According to the requirements of conveying process, it can be a single conveyor, or composed of multiple units or with other conveying equipment to form a horizontal or inclined conveying system to meet the needs of different layout types of work lines.

        sand bi-directional belt coneyor

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