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Ways to Replace Rotary Vibrating Screen Mesh Cloth

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If rotary vibrating sieve has been put into use for a long period of time, screen mesh damage or irregularity phenomenon will occur, in this case, screen mesh cloth needs to be replaced timely, the quick ways are shown as follows:
1. Loosen the rotary vibrating screen clamp screw by wrench, take down the upper frame, then you can take down the damaged screen mesh cloth and put on a new one.

rotary vibrating sieve

2. Spread the new mesh cloth smoothly on the coarse mesh cloth, then press the fine mesh cloth on the net rack by tension strip ,tighten the tension strip by a cross screwdriver.
3.After the fine screen mesh cloth is well packed, spare 2 centimeters of extra mesh cloth around, then cut off the rest parts.

4.Reput the clamp between the two screen frame, tap the clamp by soft rubber hammer while tightening. Till now the whole screen mesh cloth replacement is finished.
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