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Energy-saving and environmental protection vibrating screen

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Energy-saving and environmental protection vibrating screen is a new type of screening equipment developed by PK Machinery to meet the needs of the industry. The screening machine has a larger capacity and higher screening efficiency and it is widely used in the field of metallurgical industry, ore screening, blast furnace screening and sintering screening.
Segmental vibration: The screen surface and screen box of the traditional screening equipment vibrate together, while the energy-saving and environmental protection screen changes the mechanical structure of the traditional screen, the multi-segment screen surface vibrates independently from the feeding end to the discharging end by adopting the motion mode that the screen frame and screen box do not vibrate.

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Frequency & amplitude adjustment: according to the material handling capacity, particle size composition, water content and other working situations in different conditions, this series of vibrating screen can achieve the upper and lower sections of the screen surface with high frequency and low amplitude, low frequency and high amplitude free adjustment, changing the traditional screening equipment vibration mode with synchronous vibration source, amplitude and vibration frequency.
High efficiency screening: 1. Screening can be divided into two stages: stratification and screening, low frequency and high amplitude is to achieve stratification, high frequency and low amplitude is to increase the screening rate, the combination of the two can achieve the best screening effect. 2. Using different forms and different materials of the screening surface to achieve long life, good anti-blocking effect and high screening efficiency according to different material characteristics. 3. according to the process requirements, it can be used in the combination of multi-segment screen surface different screens, instead of the traditional multi-layer vibrating screen, to achieve a variety of specifications of material single-layer screening, make the maintenance and replacement of sieve plate more convenient.

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High efficiency and energy saving: Compared with the screening equipment with the same processing capacity, the vibration mass and the vibration source structure is small, the motor power is reduced by more than 40%, and the weight of the whole machine is more than 30% lighter than the traditional sieve.
Environmental protection: The seal cover of the screen is rigidly connected with the upstream equipment, the screen vibrating screen box is not vibrated, the entire screening operation is carried out in a fully sealed state, hence the large dust removal negative pressure provides a good sealing effect.
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