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Cause analysis of scraper chain fracture

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Scraper chain is traction part of scraper conveyor. As one of the most important parts, if the scraper chain is used in an improper way, it will lead to chain fracture. 
The main reasons for the fracture of scraper chain are as follows:
1. Scraper conveyor chain not only bears heavy static loads, but also transmit heavy dynamic loads at the same time. In addition to the dynamic load generated by starting or sudden braking, there is also dynamic load in normal operation. The first kind of dynamic load is easy to make the chain generate strong damage; the latter kind of dynamic load is small, but the repeated action for a long time will also lead to chain fatigue damage.

        scraper conveyor chain

2. Material corrosivity will cause rust scars and cracks of the chain, and reduce fracture surface strength.
3. Abrasion: When scraper conveyor drag chain contacts the sprocket, the chain ring occurs rolling motion, and according to the size of the friction in different positions of the chain ring, the relative slide between the chain ring will inevitably lead to the wear of the chain ring.

        scraper conveyor

4. Chain construction material also will influence chain service life.
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