Installation and adjustment of Belt Conveyor Pull Cord Switch


Pull Cord Switch is commonly known as "emergency stop switch". When the belt conveyor needs downtime, Pull Cord switch action will stop the conveyor. Pull Cord Switch can be divided into manual reset and automatic reset. Automatic reset: after action, it can automatically return to the initial position, may lead to error start. Manual reset: after action, the self-locking device can maintain the operating position, it need to manually reset handle to make its return to the initial position.
Pull Cord Switch should be installed on both sides of the rubber belt conveyor where has a maintenance channel, installation position should ensure that the maintenance person operates conveniently in the event of an emergency.
1.Pull Cord Switch is fixed on the rack.
2.The distance of the two switches on one side is about 50 m, the two switches are connected by the diameter 4mm of wirerope, elastic should be moderate.
3.To reduce the influence of the weight of wire rope on switches, we install supporting ring on the frame every 3 m to support the steel wire rope.
4.The other end of the rope is in tension spring (with rope buckle), In a way not affecting the normal use, using tightener to pull the rope tension on both sides, and to ensure that tension is balanced on both sides.
(Note: The climbing section of the long distance conveyor, should try to shorten the Switch spacing distance and the pull rope length.)
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