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Different installation ways of linear vibrating screen vibration motor

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Linear vibrating screen is widely used in metallurgical powder, waste treatment, plastic particle recovery, chemical, food, medicine, fertilizer, abrasives, ceramics, coal, refractories, building materials and other powders and small and medium-sized particle size materials classification or separation. The product has high screening precision, large processing capacity, simple structure, less energy consumption, low noise, long service life, good sealing, no dust overflow, easy maintenance, and can be used in the automatic operation of the production line. We will introduce different installation ways of vibrating screen motor.
I. Bottom installation
Installing the vibration motor at the bottom of the linear vibrating screen is a common method of installing the vibration motor. The width of the customer's site is limited, and in addition to placing the linear screening machine, there should also be some width left on both sides of the linear screen for convenient feeding, maintenance, and other operations. If the equipment is too wide, it may not be able to be placed or forced to be placed, but it will be inconvenient to use in the future.

        linear vibrating screen

II. Top installation
If the customer has restrictions on the height and width of the discharge port of the linear screen equipment, the vibration motor cannot meet the requirements whether installed at the bottom or on both sides. In this case, the vibration motor can be installed in the middle position of the top of the equipment, which not only ensures the screening surface area of the equipment, does not affect the processing capacity and screening efficiency, but also greatly reduces the overall width of the linear screen equipment.
III. Installation on both sides
Use when the customer has restrictions on the overall height of the device, but there are no restrictions on the width of the device. Due to special requirements for certain materials, the discharge port of the equipment cannot be too high above the ground. In this case, if the vibration motor is also installed at the bottom of the linear screen.

        linear vibrating separator

IV. Front end installation
Installing the vibration motor at the front end of the feed port of the linear vibrating screen is not very common, and many vibrating screen manufacturers do not mention this installation method because it is suitable for small linear vibrating screens.
V. Install according to the screening situation of the materials
The four installation methods each have their own differences, so the main thing is the screening ability of the materials. Therefore, the selection of the installation position of the vibration motor of the linear vibrating screen still needs to be based on the characteristics of the materials.

        linear screening equipment

In summary, four installation methods for linear vibrating screen vibration motors have been introduced. When choosing the installation method, we can choose according to the actual situation, such as site requirements, material requirements, and the model of the vibrating screen. If you are unable to make a choice, feel free to consult us. 
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