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Reasons for the low screening efficiency of square tumbler screen

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There are many factors affecting the screening effect of square swing screen, including material characteristics, equipment characteristics and operation methods. The reasons for poor screening quality are screen clogging, screen wear, uneven feed, too much material in the screen, and insufficient screen angle. PK Machinery will have specific analysis to find out the problems and help users find solutions to screening problems.
1) Sieve hole clogging
If the amount of debris and moisture content of the material is high, the material will stick to the mesh and block the mesh. At this time, please first clean up the screen holes, and then adjust the amount of water spray and screen inclination angle appropriately.

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2) Serious wear and tear of the screen holes
If the screen is used for a long time, the holes of the screen will be seriously worn, which will seriously affect the screening effect of the screen. At this time, the worn holes must be repaired. If the wear is serious, then you should consider replacing the screen.
3) Uneven feed of tumbler swing sieve
If the feed opening of the sieve is too narrow, the material can not be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the sieve, and the surface of the sieve can not be effectively utilized, thus affecting the screening effect. At this time it is necessary to adjust the width of the feed opening, so that the feed material is uniformly fabricated to the screen.

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4) The thickness of the material on the screen is too thick
Due to the increase in the amount of feed and the small inclination of the screen surface, the thickness of the material will increase, which may lead to hole blockage, and then you need to adjust according to your specific situation.
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