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Silica sand tumbler vibrating screens ordered by Romanian client were completed

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Recently, two sets of YBS-2000-4 silica sand tumbler vibrating screen were finished production and loaded into a 20ft container from Qingdao port to the destination port, Constantsa, Romania.
The round swing sieve is a four-layer vibrating screen and used to process 10 tons of silica sand per hour. 

        tumbler swing sieve

The main features of circular swing sieve include:
1. High screening precision: due to the swinging effect, the distribution of materials on the screen surface is more uniform, which improves the screening efficiency and precision.
2. Low energy consumption: the excitation force of the vibrating motor can be precisely controlled, which makes the circular swing sieve consume less energy in the operation process.
3. Compact structure: the compact design of the circular swing screen covers a small area, which is suitable for installation and use in limited space.
4. Easy maintenance: the screen mesh and screen body are designed to be easy to clean and replace, which helps to keep the screening process hygienic and reduce cross-contamination.

        Round swing sieve

5. Wide range of application: it can be used for screening a wide range of materials, including chemical raw materials, food additives, pharmaceutical powders, metal powders, and so on.
6. Customizability: according to different screening requirements, tumbler vibrating sieve can be customized with different sizes, different layers and different screen materials.
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