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Iran activated carbon production line

Project Place: Iran
Cooperation Time: March, 2014
Industry: Activated Carbon production line
Raw Material: Activated carbon
Main Equipment: Gyratory screen, Rotary vibrating screen
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Case Description

Our this customer from Iran is specially engaged in activated carbon, spar etc granule industry. During 2013, PK Machinery talked about the detailed production line requirements with our client, and help them design a screening system. Finally in the early of 2014, we reached an agreement about the activated carbon gyratory screen and rotary vibrating screen project. PK Machinery supplied totally 6 sets rotary vibrating screen and 1 set gyratory screen. And in 2015 year, they also repeat 3 sets rotary vibrating screen to expand their production line capacity.  

Each set of vibrating screen had 3 layers, which can separate 4 kinds range granule materials. The customer needed to separate raw material into 12 kinds of materials, so we designed a screen tower to install these vibrating screens, which made up of a screening production line to achieve the customer’s requirements.