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Analysis of the cause of vibration screen motor burning II

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3. Eccentric block adjustment asymmetry
Vibrating motor adopts four sector-shaped eccentric block as excitation block, two blocks at each end of the motor forms a group, the required excitation force can adjusted from zero to large by changing the angle of the two eccentric blocks at the coaxial end of the vibrating motor.
When adjusting the eccentric block, if the direction of the two ends are reversed, it will form a large space torque inside the vibration motor, if operate under a large torque state for a long time, motor burnout is inevitable. Therefore, the adjustment of the eccentric block at both ends of the motor must be consistent, symmetrical and corresponded to each other,it can not be in a different state.
At the same time, the bolts that fixing the eccentric block should be tightened, and the spring clip should be buckled up. General vibrating screen is equipped with left and right vibrating motors, the requirements of the motor phase sequence should be corresponded to each other, same phase operation is not allowed.
Preventive measures.
In order to better play the role of the vibration motor and prevent the burning accident caused by the eccentric block adjustment asymmetry, please operate strictly in accordance with the installation, use and maintenance rules of the vibration motor.
4.The shield seal is not tight
Since the working environment of the vibration motor is mostly very poor and dusty in practice, if the gap between the motor ends of the shield and the motor is large, it is easy for dust to enter into the two ends of the motor, resulting in frictional movement between the eccentric block, this frictional movement will generate a lot of heat, and when the heat accumulates to a certain extent, it will burn the motor.
Preventive measures.
In the harsh working environment, try to do a good job of motor shield sealing, keep the shield clean and clean up the accumulated dust regularly.
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