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Analysis of the cause of vibration screen motor burning III

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5.Ambient temperature
In the working process of vibrating motor, if the temperature of the medium conveyed by the equipment is too high, and the vibration motor is rigidly connected to the equipment, due to the heat conduction properties of the metal, the temperature of the vibration motor and the shell will also rise quickly in the limited space; when the heat dissipation is poor, it will cause local overheating and burning of the motor.
Preventive measures.
(1) Find ways to reduce material temperature.
(2) Strengthen ventilation and heat dissipation to reduce the ambient temperature.
(3) On the premise of ensuring the normal operation of the equipment, keep the motor away from high temperature media as far as possible.

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6. Poor heat dissipation
Normally, general motors have their own heat dissipation equipment, usually equipped with a fan at one end, when the fan rotates, the generated wind flow rapidly along a number of vertical bars of the housing, it can quickly take away the heat generated by the motor and blow away the dust on top of the housing, so that the motor is always operated under better working conditions.
Due to structural limitations of vibration motor, fan cooling can not be installed, when the motor surface has too much dust accumulation, it will prevent the dust dispassion, resulting in the motor internal temperature rising too quickly and burning the motor.

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Preventive measures.
(1) Make its surface as smooth as possible should be take into consideration when design the motor, otherwise when the dust inside the motor surface cooling rib is accumulated to a certain extent, it will lead to the motor cooling failure, then you should consider reducing or even remove cooling rib of surface.
(2) Remove the dust on the motor surface frequently, so that it works in good conditions.
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