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Analysis of the cause of vibration screen motor burning I

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During the operation of vibrating screen, the phenomenon of vibrating motor burning occurs from time to time especially in the hot weather in summer, what are the causes of this phenomenon? How to effectively prevent it?
1.Loose anchor bolt
Loose foot bolt is one of the main faults that cause the vibration motor to burn, due to the special structure of the vibration motor, the eccentric blocks located at two ends which are driven by motor will generate the excitation force, the impact force on the anchor bolt can reach several hundred times per minute, or even several thousand times.
Under the action of the huge excitation force, it is easy to cause the motor anchor bolt loose, one anchor bolt loose and will soon cause other bolts loose, if not found in time, it will cause the anchor bolt fracture and motor burning.

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Preventive measures.
(1) Adopt high-strength bolts, the strength of anchor mounting or flange mounting bolt shall not be less than 8.8 grade.
(2) Reinforce the anchor bolt frequently, the motor anchor bolt should be tightened several times at the beginning of operation.
(3) Increase the anti-loosening device, each nut must be added under the elastic washer, double-nut fastening should be used if necessary.
(4) Maintain the motor footing surface and the foundation base plate with a good contact, all anchor bolts should maintain an uniform force.


Special attention should be paid to the selection of vibration motor shell materials, some vibration motor foot surface is on the housing (i.e., shell and seat are integrated), it can ensure that the shell and foot surface is integrated in processing, the level of the entire motor can also be guaranteed, so that the motor is not easy to cause loose anchor bolt during installation.
There are some vibration motor foot surface is not connected to the shell, because the foot surface is fixed after installation, it is easy to produce errors due to assembly and other reasons, resulting in the foot surface is not on a level,  it will cause bolt loosening due to uneven stress in the use process, if not found in time, bolt fracture and motor burning will occur.
2. Installation problem
vibration motors installation must be solid and reliable, when symmetrical installation of two vibration motors is needed, the location of the two vibration motors on both sides of the equipment should be completely symmetrical, resonance of equipment should be avoided in the same time.
Since the two ends of the vibration motor is equipped with eccentric blocks that is used to adjust the amplitude, when the site needs to be installed aslant or vertically, the motor bearing axial will bear all or part of the eccentric block gravity.
If there is no plane bearing in the vibration motor and other special devices to protect, it will cause greater damage to the bearing after long time use, thereby shortening the service life of the motor.

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Preventive measures.
(1) Vibrating machinery requires no jamming phenomenon, it should be connected with support by spring, while soft coupling if connected with other equipment, no hard contact with the external environment and equipment.
2) Try to avoid vertical or inclined installation.
(3) Choose vertical vibration motor that with internal plane bearing.
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