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Differences between internal-installed and external installed transducer of ultrasonic vibrating screen

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As a new type of screening equipment, ultrasonic vibrating screen is more and more favored by the majority of users because of its high screening accuracy (up to 600 mesh fine powder materials), 1-10 times higher output, and effective solution to screening problems such as static electricity, easy agglomeration, strong adsorption, light specific gravity, etc. As the main component, the selection of ultrasonic screening system (including ultrasonic power supply and ultrasonic transducer) has always been the focus of PK Machinery. Today, we will make a detailed description of the two installation types of ultrasonic transducer.
The installation of ultrasonic transducer can be divided into two kinds: one is the design of internal-installed transducer, the other is the design of external-installed transducer. So what are the differences between the two designs?
1. Different installation forms: the internal-installed transducer is directly fixed in the middle of the ultrasonic vibrating sieve net rack. The external one is installed outside the screen frame, and its extension part is at the edge of the net rack;


2. Different cleaning methods: since the internal one is fixed in the middle of the net rack, it is necessary to remove the screen frame and then lift the net rack to clean. while for external one , because of its installation position at the edge of the net rack, it is relatively convenient to remove and clean;
3. Different applicable materials: due to the installation position of internal-installed transducer, it will contact with the material in the process of use, but for some conductive and corrosive materials, contact with the transducer will reduce its service life and affect the output frequency, thus reducing the accuracy and output. While for the external one is installed outside the screen machine, it does not have direct contact with the material, so it can effectively protect the transducer, so as to improve the service life, screening accuracy and output;


Whether you use internal-installed or external-installed transducer, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. When you choose the ultrasonic vibrating screen, please describe the material characteristics clearly, so that our sales staff can recommend the vibrating screening equipment suitable for your production needs.
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