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Trouble Shooting of Scraper Chain Conveyor Chain

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Trouble shooting of scraper chain conveyor is introduced as follows:
1.Scraper chain stuck or falling off
Make sure fastening components are firmly fixed; Any scraper chain bends, please replace timely. Adjust the chain tension to appropriate degree; Keep the inside casing away from large blocks;


2.Scraper chains breaks
Please adopts high quality scraper chain; Strengthen the routine maintenance of scraper chain conveyor, remove the deformation and damaged parts and process in a timely manner; clear the big blocks inside the casing on both sides; concerning the excessive wear and serious corrosion, broken chain, pleasereplace timely.


3.Scraper chain conveyor overloads
Strengthen management, maintain equipment in good condition in strict accordance with the standards. Strengthen operators technology training to fully grasp the equipment performance.
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