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Model configuration and installation of vibrating screen

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Model configuration of vibrating screen is very crucial, if you have not used the equipment of vibrating screen before, you can refer to the following suggestions:
I. Model configuration of vibrating screen
Mainly based on the following conditions 
1.Material name, specific gravity, viscosity and temperature 
2. Processing capacity per hour
3. Screen mesh size
4. Proportion of particle size and required screening accuracy

        Rotary vibrating screen

5. Material acidity and alkalinity (confirm construction material: 304# stainless steel or 316L stainless steel)
6. production site space size to place the vibrating screen
II. The installation of vibrating screen
1. Take off the transport support. Since the base of the vibrating separator machine and the screen frame are connected by springs, the upper part of the screen machine is firmly supported by support during transportation. After entering the installation site, the transport support should be taken down. It is strictly forbidden to test the machine without taking down the transport support.

        Rotary vibrating separator

2. The vibrating screen machine should be placed on a horizontal foundation during installation. If there is no foundation, lay vibration-proof rubber plate between the working platform and the machine base.
3. Vibrating motor and the cable inside the vibrating screen undergo intense vibration, remember to connect the standard ground wire.
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