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Plow discharger applied in salt transporting system

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In a salt conveyor system, PK Machinery engineered a electro-hydraulic pusher plow discharger to achieve nine discharging points distributed along the top of warehouse, which is easy to install and convenient to operate.  
In February, 2016, our engineering team proposed a washed salt conveyor system by the sea, our client requested that the final product should be transported to 3 warehouses. Since the three warehouses are independent, if adopt a tripper conveyor, material directly discharging in the non-storing place of the warehouse  may occur.  

In this case, in order to achieve all the materials can be evenly discharged into the warehouse. We installed three plow dischargers separately on the first two warehouses according to the required installation space and warehouse length. Meanwhile, two plow dischargers are arranged on the warehouse top of conveyor end to match with the conveyor outlet so as to achieve uniform material storing of all warehouses.
The application of the plow discharger in this system fully realizes bulk material evenly distributed, material falling off will not happen.

According to the onsite requirement and installation condition, the scraper of plow discharger adopts polyurethane material, it can be designed to achieve one-side or two-side discharging and make material evenly discharge without sticking, deflection, spillage, it is widely used in the conveying system of moist , lump, powder material.
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