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Reasons of screw conveyor blade damage

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Damages may occur in the process of using screw conveyor, while screw blade damage is the most common one. Here PK Machinery will introduce the screw conveyor wear in using process.
General wear parts include: hanging bearing, tail & end of the screw conveyor and screw blade,the reasons lead to wear is not only due to natural causes: temperature, environment and material, but also due to structure factor and human factor. Now we will analyze the reasons leading to screw conveyor blade damage.


Generally speaking, screw conveyor is not easy to occur blocking phenomenon in the outlet, it can run at a low speed, reduce the energy consumption, design with a long conveying distance. However, when convey life garbage and organic plant, it may cause the damage of screw blade.
Thicker spiral blade will be anti- wear and durable, it is suitable for conveying materials, screw blade mainly wears in the blade edge.The farther the screw blade away from the axis of rotation, the larger the force it will bear and the more the cracks it will form.


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