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Why does conveyor belt slip?

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1. Insufficient tension of conveyor belt: 
In the process of rubber belt conveyor running, the insufficient tension of conveyor belt will not be able to form effective friction between the driving wheel, which will cause the conveyor belt to slip. We can tension up the belt by adjusting the tensioning device, but attention needs to be taken to avoid excessive tensioning. 

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2. Coated rubber wear of driving drum: 
A certain friction force needs to be formed between the driving drum and the conveyor belt, so that the belt conveyor can operate effectively. The friction force formed between the driving drum and the conveyor belt mainly depends on the coated rubber on the surface of the drum. When the coating is worn, the friction force will be greatly reduced, if effective friction force cannot be formed, the belt conveyor will slip. If such a slip occurs, we need to replace the coating on the surface of the driving drum, if the wear is more serious during use, please choose some more wear-resistant materials for coating treatment. 

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3. Conveyor on-load operation: 
Belt conveyors have their own carrying capacity range, when the continuous overload transmission in the operation process, it will cause the conveyor belt to slip. Therefore, when starting and stopping, try to make sure the material on conveyor belt is unloaded completely, it is necessary to strictly control the transport weight of the material in the conveying process.


External influences: 
1. Rain and snow weather: 
When rain and snow weather, water, snow, frost and other natural phenomena adhere to the surface of the conveyor, it will reduce friction and cause slipping. 
2. Stains: 
During the use of the long distance belt conveyor, the stains on the surface of the conveyor caused by certain factors need to be cleaned in time to avoid causing the conveyor belt to slip.
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