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Rotary vibrating screen used for sewage treatment were finished production

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Last week, a domestic order which includes several sets of rotary vibrating screen were finished production, they were packed into wooden case and delivered to Jiangsu.
The client mainly provides tailor made solutions in the field of recycling projects, the required rotary vibrating screens with single layer are used for filtering sewage which contains microplastics, sand and metal, the diameter ranges from 1000mm to 1500mm, sewage contacting parts are made of SS316L, the rest are carbon steel. Detail requirements are specified by clients.

         rotary vibrating sieve(

Sewage rotary vibrating screen is an efficient sieving machine, which is widely used in the separation and filtration of various powders, particles, liquids and other substances. Its unique vibration and rotation design allows the substance to be screened on the screen, separating the substance in different particle sizes, and becoming an indispensable important equipment in the modern production process.

         waste water rotary vibrating screen

Rotary vibrating separator is also widely used in other fields, such as building materials, environmental protection, water treatment and other industries. In the building materials industry, the rotary vibrating screen can be used for screening and filtering of concrete, mortar and other materials to improve the quality and production efficiency. In the environmental protection and water treatment industry, the rotary vibrating sieve can be used for sewage treatment and recycling, improving the utilization rate of water resources and environmental benefits.
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