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GCT Granular TSP Production Unit at M’dhilla 2 Plant

Project Place: Tunisia
Cooperation Time: May,2016
Industry: Construction material
Raw Material: Coarse whiting
Main Equipment: Linear Vibrating Screen,belt conveyor,bucket elevator
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Case Description

This project is mainly about the processing of 400,000 ton TSP in GAFSA,Tunisia. PK machinery provided several sets of linear vibrating screens,belt  conveyors and bucket elevators,which were used for sieving ,conveying and lifting coarse whiting.
Linear vibrating screen manufactured by PK machinery was fully suitable for the production needs of high efficiency,safe,low operation cost and high rateo perating. And more importantly, it had a long service life and could be reliably and simply controlled on field and concentration.
Pk machinery’s linear vibrating screen was properly designed and manufactured, all parts of which could be safe and continuous operated under normal operating conditions.It had no issues of excessive stress,temperature rise,wear,corrosion and aging.Furthermore,it was designed compact,reasonable and strong seal,flexible and easy to conduct daily maintenance(such as refueling,fastening,etc.).
At the same time,Pk machinery’s post-sale engineers were sent to the site for the installation and commissioning.Pk machinery could provide our customers satisfied equipment and professional service,therefore,you can choose PK machinery as your right supplier.