Kissoon Dyal Rice Mill

rice mill

In year 2014, PK Machinery supplied 7 sets of equipment to Kissoon Dyal Rice Mill, including 6 sets of gyratory vibrating screen and 1 set of packing machine.

1. Gyratory Vibrating Screen
Application: classify the raw material into 3 separations, whole grain rice, broken rice and chips/dust.
Machine Type: 2PXZS 1530
Material Density: 577 kg/m3
Capacity: 10-15 tons/hour
No. of Layer: 2

2. Packing system
Mounting Location: bagging plant
System Configuration: double-automatic filling machine, automatic weighing balance, automatic belt conveyor and automatic sewing machine
Weighing Range: 10 ~ 50 kg/bag
Capacity: 280 ~ 350 bags/hour