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Vibrating screen operation instruction

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1. Routine inspection before starting the machine
It is necessary to conduct a deep inspection of the vibrating screen status to see whether the starting device is good before each use, whether the contact surface with the ground is smooth, whether the bolts of each part are kept tight, whether the spring parts are missing or broken, and whether the screen mesh is broken. At the same time, check whether there is enough lubricating oil inside the exciter, if lubrication is insufficient, add lubricating oil in time. Check and clean up the sieve surface debris to avoid starting with load. Only after the above steps are completed, can the machine be started up and came into operation.


2. Keep attention in operation
In the process of use, keep an eye on the running status of the vibrating separator, observe whether the overall operation of the vibrating screen remains stable, whether there is impact and friction of the moving parts, and whether there is a strange noise of the exciter. In addition, extra attention should be paid to the feeding process to ensure that the feeder is evenly fed to avoid the formation of material accumulation due to uneven feeding, which affects the screening accuracy and screening efficiency. If there is a fault such as tripping and noise during operation, it should be stopped in time for inspection, and the power must be cut off for maintenance and adjustment, please contact with the central control room, and take necessary safety precautions.


3. Clean up timely after stopping the machine
Stop feeding first, and then stop the vibration sieve after the material on the screen is finished screening. After stopping, clean and wipe the equipment, clean and organize the work site, check the lubrication device and each part of the connection and fasteners, if any loose, please tighten in time, and fill in the operation, lubrication, maintenance and testing records.
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